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Prof. Dr.Francois Mathey

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Francois Mathey, male, PhD, Foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Science, Professor of Zhengzhou University.

 President of the French Chemical Society (SFC) (2000-2003). Director of International Phosphorus Laboratory, Chinese

Director of Laboratoire Franco-Chinois: Matériaux Organophosphorés Fonctionnels, Director of International Joint Research

Labortory for Functional Organophosphorus Materials of Henan, China.

Tel:0371-67783391; Email:frmathey@yahoo.fr



Ecole Polytechnique: Bachelor’s degree in chemistry (Paris, 1961 - 1963)- University Paris VI (Pierre et Marie Curie): Master’s degree in chemistry  (1963 - 1965), PhD in chemistry (01 / 1971)


Research chemist at IRCHA (industrial research) (1964 - 1980)

Research chemist at SNPE (chemical company) (1980 - 1988)

Professor of chemistry at Ecole polytechnique (1986 - 2003)

Directeur de recherche 1st class, then “classe exceptionnelle” CNRS(Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) (1989)

Distinguished Professor, University of California-Riverside (2003-2008)

Professor, Zhengzhou University(2005-today)-Nanyang Professor, Nanyang Technological University(2008-2016)

Research area

Organophosphorus chemistry;

Transition metal chemistry;

Homogeneous catalysis (mono and bi-phasic, asymmetric).

Organophosphorus materials for optoelectronic applications

Selected publications

1. F. Mathey, Z. Duan. Activation of A-H bonds (A = B, C, N, O, Si) by using monovalent phosphorus complexes [RP→M]. Dalton Trans., 2016, 45, 1804-1809.

2. X. D. Wei, Z. M. Lu, X. Zhao, Z. Duan*, F. Mathey*. Synthesis of Annelated Phospholes through Intramolecular C–H Activation by Monovalent Phosphorus. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2015, 54, 1583-1586.

3. J. Wong, Y. X. Li, Y. W. Hao, R. Q. Tian, F. Mathey. Isomerization of Secondary Phosphirane into Terminal Phosphinidene Complexes: An Analogy between Monovalent Phosphorus and Transition Metals.Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2015, 54, 12891-12893.

4. Y. Z. Xu, Z. H. Wang, Z. J. Gan, Q. Z. Xi, Z. Duan*,F. Mathey*. Versatile Synthesis of Phospholides from Open-Chain Precursors. Application to Annelated Pyrrole and Silole-Phosphole Rings. Org. Lett., 2015, 17,1732-1734.

5. H. Chen, S. Pascal, Z. Y. Wang, P. A. Bouit, Z. S. Wang,Y. L. Zhang, D. Tondelier, B. Geffroy, R. Reau,* F. Mathey,*Z. Duan,* M. Hissler*. 1,2-Dihydrophosphete: A Platform for the Molecular Engineering of Electroluminescent Phosphorus Materials for Light-Emitting Devices. Chem. Eur. J. 2014, 20, 9784-9793.

6. H. Chen, W. Delaunay, J. Li, Z.Y. Wang, P. A. Bouit, D. Tondelier, B. Geffroy, F. Mathey, Z. Duan,* R. Réau,* M. Hissler*. Benzofuran-fused Phosphole: Synthesis, Electronic, and Electroluminescence Properties. Org. Lett., 2013, 15, 330-333.

7. H. Chen, W. Delaunay, L. J. Yu, D Joly, Z. Y. Wang, J. Li, Z. S. Wang, C.e Lescop, D. Tondelier, B. Geffroy, Z. Duan*, M. Hissler,* F. Mathey,* R. Réau*. 2,2’-Biphospholes: Building Blocks for Tuning the HOMO–LUMO Gap of- Systems Using Covalent Bonding and Metal Coordination. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2012, 51, 214-217.

8. H. Q. Wang, C. Li, D.J. Geng, H. Chen, Z. Duan,* F. Mathey*. A New Versatile Route for the Conversion of Phospholes into Phosphinines. Chem. Eur.J.2010, 16, 10659-10661.

9. R. Q. Tian, H. Liu, Z. Duan,* F. Mathey*. The Abnormal Hydrolysis of 7-Phosphanorbornenium Salts: A Case of Phosphonium-Phosphenium Equivalence. J. Am. Chem.Soc., 2009, 131, 16008-16009.

10. R. Q. Tian, Z. Duan,* X.X. Zhou, D.J. Geng, Y. J. Wu, F. Mathey*. Phosphole-N-phenylmaleimide [4+2] cycloadducts as synthetic equivalents of nucleophilic phosphinidenes. Chem.Commun.,2009, 2589-2590.


“Molecular Chemistry of the Transition Elements” with A. Sevin, Wiley,   Chichester, 1996

“Phosphorus: The Carbon Copy” with K.B. Dillon and J.F. Nixon,   Wiley, Chichester, 1998

“ Phosphorus-Carbon Heterocyclic Chemistry : the Rise of a New Domain ” F. Mathey Ed., Elsevier, Oxford, 2001

“Science of synthesis, vol.42: Organophosphorus Compounds”, Thieme, Stuttgart, 2009

Selected honors/awards



CNRS silver medal (1979)

Paul Langevin award (Académie des Sciences, 1985)

Alexander von Humboldt award (1988)

Raymond Berr - Atochem award (Société Française de Chimie, 1988)

Mergier - Bourdeix award (Académie des Sciences, 1989)

Grignard-Wittig award (1997)

Main Group Chemistry award (ICMGC, 1999)

JSPS fellowship (2000)

Arbuzov prize (2001)

State Friendship award of China(2009)

Shangdu Friendship award of Zhengzhou(2009)

Huanghe Friendship award of Henan Province(2012)

Order of Academic Palms2015

Membership :

President of the French Chemical Society (SFC) (2000-2003)

Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (1991)

Member of the American Chemical Society (2003)

Member of the Leopoldina Academy (1994)

Member of the French Academy of Sciences (1998)

Member of Academia Europaea (2000)

Associate Member of the Academy of Göttingen (2002)

Member of the European Academy of Sciences (2003)

Foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Science(2011)

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