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Educational Development Foundation of Zhengzhou University​

Education Development Foundation of Zhengzhou University (hereinafter referred to as "The Foundation") was founded in March 2015 with the approval of the Civil Affairs Department of Henan Province. It is a non-profit charitable organization with Zhengzhou University as the sole initiator.

The establishment of the foundation is aimed at accepting donations from alumni and all sectors of society in accordance with the law, and carrying out activities, such as rewarding, teaching, and aiding students. The donation projects mainly include six directions: student training, teacher development, discipline construction, infrastructure construction, campus culture construction and alumni work expansion. By September 2020, the Foundation had raised 509.8 million yuan, ranking 32nd among the universities in China in terms of alumni donations in 2019.

On July 9, 2019, The Foundation was rated as a 5A-level social organization in China, the first 5A-level Foundation in Henan Province.There are 19 "5A" level Foundations among the 42 first class universities in China.

The purpose of the Foundation is to gather social forces, win the support and donations from domestic and foreign groups and individuals, fulfill responsibilities, nourish schools and students, focus on quality, pursue excellence, and help Zhengzhou University build a first-class university.

The Foundation adheres to the principle of "standardization, transparency, security and service", and upholds the brief of "Our responsibility earns your trust ". It takes charge of the management of various donations and funds of the Foundation, and ensures that the use of donations conforms to the wishes of donors and the constitution of the Foundation. The Foundation shall present a unified charity donation bill to the donor in accordance with the regulations. The Foundation is eligible for pre-tax deductions for charitable donations.