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Zhengzhou University held the donation ceremony of the million "Inspirational Securities Scholarship"

On the morning of November 26,2020, the donation ceremony of "Inspirational Securities Scholarship" was held in the second lecture hall of the comprehensive Management Center of of Zhengzhou University(ZZU).

the site of the ceremony

Wang Zongmin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of ZZU, was delivering a speech.

Chen Hongsheng, alumni of Business School class 2011 EMBA was delivering a speech.

Duan Gang, Executive Vice President of EMBA Alumni Association, was delivering a speech.

Luo Jingdang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Business School of ZZU, was presiding.

Professor Geng Zhimin was delivering a speech.

Wang Xin was speaking.

Wang Zongmin accepted the donation.

Wang Zongmin presented the certificate of donation to the Chen Hongsheng.

On behalf of the school, Wang Zongmin presented a commemorative plaque.

the group photo