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16 Oct

Notifying the wireless network of some teaching districts in October 17th

Users of campus network:The network management center plans to optimize and upgrade the network backbone equipment of the main campus office area, which will affect the campus network of all the teaching and office areas (comprehensive management center, engineering park, science park, core teaching area, liberal arts park, medical park) of the main campus. The campus network involved in the ar...

21 Sep

Circular on closing the wireless network of the core teaching area

​All users in the campus:In order to cooperate with the wireless debugging in the school, the Network Management Center will close the wireless network of all classrooms in the South and North Core Teaching Areas from September 25 to 27. It returned to normal after 21 pm on September 27th.Network management centerSeptember 21, 201

15 Sep

An explanation of the problem that the mail server could not send mail in September 15th

Because CERNET mistakenly blacklisted the IP addresses of the three servers of our school's mail server sending mail, our school's mail server could not send e-mail to the outside world since the morning of September 15. Our center has implemented emergency measures to deal with this problem and the sending function of the mail server. We are gradually recovering. Because the new domain name re...

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