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25 Sep

General knowledge of network security precautions (nine) -- what can't be done in a friend circle?

Recently, Mr. Zhang Jiangsu bought a movie ticket and sunned a circle of friends. The ticket number was not coded, but he took it away without knowing it. Making friends circle has become a part of many people's lives, but do you know? Once some information is used by people, the consequences are unthinkable. What can't be easily dried? What should I pay attention to when making friends circle?...

24 Sep

General knowledge of network security precautions (eight) -- how to prevent fraud traps

With the rapid growth of the network economy, network transaction security and other issues have become increasingly prominent, network traps continue, Internet complaints are increasing; network and information security situation is grim, hacker attacks occur from time to time.There are many unfavorable factors in online transactions, such as the fact that it is impossible to visualize the goo...

23 Sep

General knowledge of network security precautions (seven) -- which passwords can be cracked in 30 seconds?

​The US password management App Co Splashdata publishes a list of "weakest passwords of the year" every year. On this year's list, "123456" still sits first in the list. What kind of password do you like to use?Why are some weak passwords appearing on the list every year? Here are some common ideas of users:User A: the password is too complicated to remember. I can't remember how to do it.User...

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