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Dr. Lu Sentong from Law Department of Moscow State University Visits IC

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Dr. Lu Sentong from Law Department of Moscow State University Visits IC

On April 15th, 2018, Dr. Lu Sentong, the law department of Moscow university visited IC and delivered a lecture entitled “ My Ten Years in Moscow”. Dr. Lu told the students about his ten years of study in Russia, introduced the school system, curriculum, assessment methods and channels for academic promotion in Russia, and pointed out some misunderstandings in students' subjective understanding of the current situation of Russian security, studying in Russia and living in Russia, and talked about what he had seen, heard and felt based on his ten years' study and life. He suggested that students should recognize the situation, and called on them to study in Russia through short-term courses and exchange programs, so as to set up a correct career view and broaden their horizon.

After the lecture, Dr. Lu had an interactive communication with the students who attended the meeting, and answered the questions put forward by the students. The atmosphere of the meeting was warm, and the students benefited a lot.

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