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Max Azoulay, Founder of ESRA, Visits ZZU

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Max Azoulay, Founder of ESRA, Visits ZZU

On June 28th, 2018, Max Azoulay, founder of ESRA, visited ZZU with his delegation. President of ZZU, Academician Liu Jiongtian, Vice President Han Guohe met with the visitors. President of IC, Shi Maosheng, Vice President of IC Cheng Haiquan attended the meeting.

Academician Liu Jiongtian welcomed Max Azoulay and his delegation to visit ZZU again and learned about the preparation of cooperation with ESRA, the French higher film academy. He hoped that the two universities could further promote the international level of the university through cooperation.

Max Azoulay introduced the basic information of the film school in cooperation with ZZU in the future and agreed to give full support in teaching resources and financial investment.

Both sides discussed the content of the cooperation and the details of education cooperation with ZZU and signed the education cooperation memorandum between ZZU and ESRA.

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