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International College Scored an Excellent Result in the Sunshine Sports Meeting of Zhengzhou University in 2019

Publisher: Publish Date:April 24, 2019 Read Count:

After 3 days, on the afternoon of April 13, the Sunshine Sports Meeting of Zhengzhou University in 2019 came to a successful conclusion. Teachers and students in International College constantly surpass themselves and strive for good results with full enthusiasm and high spirit. They further interpret the sports spirit of "justice, struggle, perseverance and activeness" of the Sports Meeting, and eventually get the excellent results in all the groups.

The Sunshine Sports Meeting provides a platform for athletes of International College to show and challenge themselves, fully demonstrates the spirit of struggle and getting ahead, constantly strengthens the spirit of cooperation and team honor. The International College has demonstrated a high level of excellence in the Sports Meeting, which has successfully helped the students of the International College to take a new step in sports PE.

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