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“2018 Experience China in Golden Autumn——A Cultural Tour of Central China For Foreign Experts in Higher Education” Holds in ZZU

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“2018 Experience China in Golden Autumn——A Cultural Tour of Central China For Foreign Experts in Higher Education” Holds in ZZU

On the morning of October 12th, 2018 Foreign Expert Seminar, hosted by the China Higher Education Society and introduced by ZZU, organized by our institute and the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, was held in the second lecture hall of the administrative building of the main campus of ZZU. Vice President of ZZU, Han Guohe, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. The Party Secretary of the University, An Limin, Dean Shi Maosheng, Vice President Cheng Haiquan, and the principals of the Teaching Research Office, the International Cooperation Office and the Research and Discipline Construction Office, attended the meeting.

At the opening ceremony, Vice President Han Guohe expressed welcome to all the delegates and guests. He briefly introduced the history and culture of Henan Province, the history and internationalization of ZZU, the significance and purpose of the expert seminar. Then he expressed his wish to the success of the meeting. Wei Xueyong, deputy director of the International Department of Xi'an Jiaotong University (deputy director of the International Education Division of the China Higher Education Society), addressed a speech on behalf of the introduction of the wisdom branch. He first expressed his gratitude to ZZU for the preparations of the meeting, then elaborated on the international communication and cooperation of higher education. Han Guohe said that he sincerely hopes that delegates and guests can provide valuable opinions on universities’ foreign education works through the platform of this seminar. Subsequently, John Keith Zacharias, professor majored in Architecture and Landscape Design of Peking University, addressed his speech. Suck Joo Na, professor majored in the School of Materials of Xi'an Jiaotong University, spoke the speech as well. Suo Chengxiu, deputy dean of the Foreign Languages department of ZZU, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Going to Henan and Feel Henan Culture”.

After the seminar, the delegates visited the campus landscape, the history museum and the school's key laboratory, then they were invited to the counterpart college for symposium. During the symposium, the experts highly praised the achievements and developments of ZZU. On October 13th and 14th , ZZU organized experts to visit Shaolin Temple, Xiangyang Academy and Henan Provincial Museum.

The meeting provides further interaction and resource sharing among universities, enhance the understanding of the Central Plains on the traditional culture, education and social development, and build a platform for communication and cooperation. Nearly 200 foreign experts, foreign affairs leaders and well-known scholars from more than 50 universities included Tsinghua University, Peking University and Fudan University, attended the meeting.

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