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IC Holds A Series of Activities of "English Corner"

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IC Holds A Series of Activities of "English Corner"

On November 22th, 2018, the 16th English Corner Event was successfully held in Room 412, Building 9, Department of Engineering, North Campus of ZZU. The theme of this English corner is "Gifts", which aims to explore gifts in life and share stories about gifts. Our foreign teachers Sherry, Maggie and Lee participated in this activity.

The activities begin with the sharing of the experience of teachers receiving special gifts, and take the topics of "What kind of gift do you like" and "best and worst gifts" as the main topics, which arouse students' thinking and discussion. Material gifts come from parents, relatives and friends, while spiritual gifts come from their own growth. Under the guidance of foreign teachers, the students scrambled to make speeches and discuss warmly. The atmosphere on the spot was lively.

This English corner not only improves the students' English level, but also hopes that through the theme of "Gifts", students can open their minds, feel love and cherish their youth.

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