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IC Completes Its Overseas Course Activities at the University of Duisburg

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IC Completes Its Overseas Course Activities at the University of Duisburg

In order to further strengthen our cooperation with the University of Duisburg, Germany, and help our students further understand the foreign campus culture, and the German engineering education system and the German industry 4.0, Duisburg University and our school jointly organized the first German summer course - "German industry 4.0 trip". From August 14th to August 29th, Yu Yifang, vice-president of our college, and Counselor teacher Fan Chenglong guided 15 students from the International Institute of Engineers to study in Duisburg University, Germany.

 During the exchange study, the students visited the campus and laboratories of Duisburg University in Germany, listened to the electromechanical automation courses related to German Industry 4.0, experienced the German Industry 4.0 technology firsthand, and felt the atmosphere and mode of German classroom, stayed in German common apartment dormitory, and experienced German University life. In their spare time, the students visited famous cities in Western Europe, the Industrial Museum and Van Gogh Memorial, and learned about the German cultural environment.

Through this summer overseas course exchange study, the students have experienced different teaching modes and learning concepts between the East and the West, broadened their horizons, increased their insights, enhanced friendship, and set up more new goals for future learning and career planning.

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