Marketing aims to cultivate quality talents who could master modern marketing theories and methods, and who are able to do market research, marketing planning, marketing operation with initiative awareness.

It basically requires students to master knowledge and theories concerning applied economics, business administration and marketing, receive training concerning marketing methods and skills, and conduct analysisofand solutiontopractical problems with skills and knowledge they have acquired. At the same time, they areencouraged to be confident,initiative, and able to communicate and do teamwork. The main courses are Marketing, Business Administration, Advertising,Principle of Management,Western Economics,Advanced Mathematics, Marketing Economic Laws,Human Resources Management, Financial Management,Consumer Behavior, Market Research and Prediction, International Marketing, etc.

The major has a four-year curriculum, with a flexible study period of 3-6 years, which conforms to the regulations of Zhengzhou University for granting a bachelor's degree, and grants a bachelor's degree in management.

The major must complete the 155 credits of the courses specified in the training program before graduation.