Tourism Management and Planning aims to cultivate applied, interdisciplinary and initiative talents who could cater to industry needs with solid knowledge foundation, practical and initiative ability,good professional quality, humanistic spirit and awareness of management, and who could conduct operation and management of tourism and concerning industries, planning and designing, initiative research, consulting and training, etc.

It requires undergraduates to have virtues, appropriate outlook on life and on the world, good professional qualities, humanistic spirit, scientific spirit  and initiative ability. At the same time, they are required to master basic knowledge and theories concerning tourism management,be proficient at applying basic methods and skills , and be familiar with development and trend of tourism and concerning industries, frontier theories and research, laws, regulations, and international practice concerning tourism management.

Major courses are Principles of Management, Western Economics, Marketing, Financial Management, Service Operation Management, Management of Tourist Destinations, Tourist Consumer Behavior, Survey of Tourism, Tourism Planning and Development, Tourism Economics, etc.

The major has a four-year curriculum, with a flexible study period of 3-6 years, which conforms to the regulations of Zhengzhou University for granting a bachelor's degree, and grants a bachelor's degree in management.The major must complete the 155 credits of the courses specified in the training program before graduation.