In order to strengthen academic exchanges and stimulate the spirit of innovation, on the morning of April 14, 2019, the School of Tourism Management invited Professor Jian Xinhua of Wuhan University to deliver an academic report with the theme of China's Macroeconomic Operation Situation and Future Development Trend. More than 120 faculty representatives, master students and some faculty of Business School shared this academic feast. The lecture was presided over by Professor Du Shuyun, dean of the School of Tourism Management.

According to the theoretical logic of Marxist political economy, Professor Jian Xinhua has made a profound interpretation of China's economy from four aspects: contention of ideas on China's economic trend, judgment of China's economic development trend, main reasons for China's economic downturn and main countermeasures for maintaining growth. This lecture focuses on the indirect and deep reasons of China's economic downturn from the perspective of supply-and-demand comprehensive analysis. Prof. Jian Xinhua's academic reports are rich in content and insightful, which are warmly welcomed by teachers and students. The academic report lasted more than two hours. In the last part of the academic report, Professor Jian Xinhua gave excellent answers to the academic questions raised by everyone.

This academic report deepens understanding of the Chinese economy of the teachers and students of our school, creates a good academic atmosphere, enhances academic enthusiasm of the teachers and students to actively explore, and multi-angle, multi-level thinking and innovation ability.