The innovative teaching competition for teachers of the School of Tourism Management was successfully held on the afternoon of October 7th,2021.

Based on requirements of the notice on innovative teaching competition in 2021 of the Academic Affairs Office of Zhengzhou University, including focusing on teaching innovation, promoting teaching reform and improving the innovative teaching ability, the school made the plan and organized this competition.

The leaders of our school attached great importance to the competition, and invited experienced experts as judges: Sun Xincheng, the CPC Secretary of the School of Information Management; Wu Yanli, the director of Cultural Quality Education Office; Professor Wang Shixiang, an outstanding teacher in Henan Province; Professor Wang Zhenjun, from School of Journalism and Communication; Professor Wu Zhiyuan, the vice president of the School of History, and Xue Jianhong, Wang Yahong, Shi Lingge and Wan Yuyan, the teaching supervisors of our school. Moreover, Tencent conference was provided for teachers to learn online.

Judges were responsible and objective, and evaluation was given strictly according to relevant criteria. The judges gave full recognition and high evaluation of teachers' teaching skills and professionalism, and put forward many valuable suggestions. The teachers benefited a lot. Zhu Meiguang and Wang Fei were finally selected to participate the competition of our university. Congratulations to them! We hope that they will continue to work hard and perform well in the future competition.

(Article: Wang Shuangqiang Photo: Li Feng Review: Zhu Meiguang)