To improve students' psychological health, our school actively carried out the psychological health education, and invited professor Liu Yanan, an expert from the Psychological Health Center of our university, to give a lecture for the freshmen at 10:00 am on December 4th, 2021.

Liu Yanan's lecture mainly focused on occurrence of psychological problems and correction of the psychological problems. He guided the students to understand the psychological characteristics of healthy individuals, analyzed the roots of common psychological problems and personal factors, and encouraged students to find goals and significance of their life, and find happiness in life. Based on his consultation experience in Zhengzhou University in recent years, he analyzed the characteristics of susceptible populations, and summarized some adjustment methods to deal with psychological problems. The students asked questions actively, he answered patiently. In view of emotional situation of college students, he analyzed the causes of their negative emotions and put forward effective solutions. After answering the questions, he also informed the students of the location of the psychological consultation, and encouraged them to consult and solve the psychological problems timely for psychological health.

This lecture was delivered to enhance the students’ relevant knowledge about psychological health and methods and skills to deal with psychological problems, and the students surely learned a lot.