At the invitation of the School of Tourism Management, Professor Dong Erwei from Arizona State University will come to our school to give an academic report.

Report Topic: The Development Path of Sports Tourism From International Perspective: Foundations and Cases

Speaker: Dong Er, professor of Arizona State University

Report time: 15:00-17:00, June 24, 2021 (Thursday)

Lecture room, 1st floor, School of Tourism Management

Introduction to the speaker

Erwei Dong is a doctor of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management (Recreation science) from Pennsylvania State University. Master of Tokyo Gakugei University, Japan. He studied and worked at the University of Tokyo, The Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo, the State University of New York, the University of South Alabama, and Purdue University.

Currently, Erwei Dong is a professor of Arizona State University, Assistant Dean of the United International Tourism College of Arizona State University, professor of the Department of Leisure Management of the American Institute of Physical Education, the UN panel member, high-level overseas talent in Shanghai (east), distinguished professor of Shenyang Institute of Physical Education, co-founder of China International Leisure Research Association, Director of China International Center for Leisure and Tourism Research, and expert of Cultural Tourism Industry Committee of Chinese Culture Promotion Council.

Erwei Dong’s research interests include leisure and health, leisure and culture, leisure and sports, leisure and tourism, and cross-cultural comparative study of leisure. He has published papers in Leisure Research (SSCI), Leisure Science (SSCI), Tourism Annual (SSCI), Asia Pacific Tourism Research Journal (SSCI), Holiday Market Journal (SSCI) and other journals. Currently, He is the editorial board member of SSCI UK Leisure Research, the associate editor of SSCI US Leisure Science, the chief editor of Chinese Leisure, special issue of SSCI US Leisure Research, and the associate editor of SSCI Outdoor Recreation Tourism.

School of Tourism Management, Zhengzhou University

June 24, 2021