On the morning of December 25th, Song Zhenghui, secretary of the Party Committee Zhengzhou University, came to the School of Tourism Management for investigation and held a symposium. College leaders, teachers and student representatives attended the symposium. Yue Linqiang, party secretary of the school, presided over the symposium.

Song Zhenghui inspected the training room, planning room, reference room, etc., and put forward suggestions on building a good training base, optimizing the spatial layout and creating a cultural atmosphere. At the symposium, the teacher in charge reported the basic situation of construction and development, problems and ideas and measures in detail.

In his concluding speech, Song Zhenghui affirmed the good political ecology and team running status of Tourism Management School. He pointed out that the fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee proposed to promote high-quality development as the theme of economic and social development during the 14th Five-year Plan period, and high-quality development has become the main melody and general requirements of the development of cultural tourism industry. The School of Tourism Management should adhere to the service orientation, dock with the national strategy, seize development opportunities, and improve the construction and development level in the process of promoting the high-quality development of cultural tourism industry. It is necessary to make clear the development orientation and put forward a series of innovative ideas and measures based on the reality of Henan province and the characteristics of running a school. It is necessary to promote interdisciplinary development, grasp the integrated development trend of cultural tourism industry, integrate into the overall layout of school discipline construction, based on the existing conditions, take the initiative to connect with each other, seek for the combination point, cultivate the growth point, identify the focal point, integrate development with related disciplines, and strive to solve the bottleneck problem of discipline construction. It is necessary to strengthen its service functions, actively meet the needs of the national rural revitalization strategy and the development of cultural tourism industry in accordance with the requirements of the "Four Aspects", help implement the rural revitalization strategy and build Henan into a strong cultural tourism province with the support of high-quality talents and intellectual support. It is necessary to improve the development platform, integrate the resources for the development of cultural tourism industry inside and outside the university, build a first-class cultural tourism planning and design institute, strengthen the construction of qualifications, promote the cooperation between the university and the local area, form a characteristic brand, and enhance the academic and social influence. It is necessary to strengthen the gathering of talents, grasp the rules and characteristics of cultural tourism industry, establish flexible employment mode, promote the formation of research-oriented and application-oriented talent team, optimize the structure of talent team; It is necessary to innovate talent cultivation, improve the cultivation program with cultural tourism mark, expand resources to build a good training and practice base, and enhance students' sense of belonging and pride with the new talent cultivation model and practical results. It is necessary to formulate the "14th Five-Year Plan" scientifically, focus on the gaps in teaching, disciplines, scientific research and talents, integrating into the new development pattern, and adapting to the adjustment of industrial structure, improve the level of fine services, strengthen research and demonstration, make long-term planning, further promote the implementation, and strive to build a first-class tourism management college.

Yue Linqiang said that Secretary Song's visit to the school fully reflected the kind care and high attention of Secretary Song, the party Committee of the university and all departments of the university to the School of Tourism Management. Secretary Song's affirmation of the work of the new team in the past year is both encouragement and a spur to the team. The new team would continue to be true to its original mission, and work hard with all the faculty and staff to implement secretary Song Zhenghui's speech into the college's development plan, reform measures and achievements, and strive to make the School of Tourism Management a first-class college with distinctive characteristics.