On the afternoon of October 21st,Deputy Secretary Wang Zongmin of the Party committee of Zhengzhou University delivered a party history report tothe teachers and students oftheSchool of Tourism Management on the topic Why does MarxismWork. The executives,teachers and all the freshmenattended.

Deputy Secretary Wang Zongmin started from the October Revolution,introduced the main content of the Communist Manifesto and spreading of Marxism in China.He reviewed the party's cause of hard strugglein the century.He pointed out that our country had made stunning achievements since the opening and reform.Then he focused on Marxism chinization achievements such as Mao Zedong Thought,Deng Xiaoping Theory and Xi Jinping Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in a New Era.He gave a comprehensive and profound analysis of why Marxism workedand pointed out Marxism was a powerful ideological instrument to understand the world,grasp laws,pursue truth and reform the world.

Since the birth of CPC, it has established Marxism as the fundamental thoughtand has solved a series of issues concerning how Marxism is applied to Chinese reality in theory and practice,and has constantly stimulated,promoted chinization and modernization of Marxism.The party has regarded it as the original aspiration to seek happiness for the people and rejuvenation of the nation.It has led Chinese people to be independent,to be rich and to be powerful, and has built a well -off society in an all-round way,striving forward toward a modern and powerful socialist country.He encouraged young students to analyze the hot topics in modern society with basic principles of Marxism.Secretary of the party committee of the School of Tourism Management concluded that the school would stay true to its original mission, take responsibility,carry out the party's educational principles, stick to it that virtue is the fundamental mission,fulfill our duties, persist in innovation,carry out connotation construction,improve teaching quality,promote high quality development of the school,and cultivatewell-rounded talents.