On the afternoon of December 17th, 2018, President Liu Jiongtian led a delegation of Zhengzhou University to the Taoyuan Campus of Mingchuan University in Taiwan. They had a cordial discussion with 28 exchange students of 2016 majoring in tourism management and hospitality management and their teachers.

The symposium was presided over by Liu Jianhua, the director of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office of Zhengzhou University. Director Liu Jianhua first expressed the greetings from President Liu Jiongtian and other leaders to the exchange students and their teachers. Then Gao Weijie,there presentative of teachers, introduced the basic situation of the students' study and life in Mingchuan University. Gao Weijie introduced the Talent Project Agreement between the School of Tourism Management, Zhengzhou University and the School of Tourism Managemen,Mingchuan University. She also introduced the characteristics of Mingchuan University in course selection, teaching design, teaching effect and other aspects in detail. She expressed her appreciation inpractical teaching of the Department of Tourism and the Department of Hospitality Management, Mingchuan University.

Director Liu Jianhua asked the students to talk about their study and life in Mingchuan University. The students said that their life in Mingchuan University was very meaningful, and the courses were wonderful, especially practical learning, which benefited the students a lot.

President Liu Jiongtian highly recognized the project, and extended hishope: First, to constantly strengthen their personal cultivation and become an elegant person; Second, to be a good worker before becoming an excellent manager; Third, Mingchuan University gave more freedom which required more self-discipline. He hoped that the students would make contribution to the development of the tourism and hotel industry of the motherland and contribute to the society in the future.

After the meeting, President Liu took a photo with the students and waved goodbye.