Zhengzhou University
School of Foreign Languages

An Introduction to SFL, ZZU

An Introduction to the School of Foreign Languages

  History: The School of Foreign Languages (SFL) was founded in April 2001, with the merging of the Department of Foreign Languages and the English Teaching Department of the former Zhengzhou University, the Scientific English Department and Foreign Language Training Center of the former Zhengzhou University of Technology, and the English Teaching Department of the former Henan Medical University.

  Faculty and Staff: SFL has 182 faculty and staff members. Among its 158 full-time faculty members, 72 teachers have senior professional titles, 45 teachers hold a Doctorate degree, and 91% have a Master degree or above. There are 6 PhD supervisors and 8 PhD co-supervisors.  In addition, it employs more than 20 foreign teachers all year round.

  Degree Programs: SFL has four undergraduate programs--English, Russian, Japanese and German, one first-level discipline PhD Program --- Foreign Languages and Literature, and 7 postgraduate programs --- English Language and Literature, Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Comparative Literature and World Literature, Japanese Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, Russian Language and Literature, and MTI.

       Scientific Research: SFL houses nine research centers, including Zhengzhou University Research Center for British and American Literature (one of the key humanity research bases in Henan province), China Diplomatic Discourses Research Center, and Asia-Pacific Research Center. It is home to the secretariats of three international academic organizations: the International Association for Eco-Translatology Research, the Asia-Pacific Association of English for International Communication Studies, and the Steering Committee for the Cross-Taiwan Straits Symposiums on Translation and Intercultural Communication Conferences. Its faculty members have undertaken nearly 40 province- and nation-funded research projects in recent years.

  Teaching Achievements: Its English program is on the list of both “Excellent Program with Special Features of Henan Province” and “Pilot Program for Comprehensive Reform of Henan Provincial Higher Education.” Its English faculty is honored as “the Excellent Teaching Team of Henan Provincial Higher Education.” English Literature and Culture and Intercultural Communications have been respectively listed as a “Henan Provincial Model Course” and a “National Video Open Course.” College English is included in the list of both “National Model Courses” and “National Excellent Courses for sharing Resources” , and the teaching faculty has been honored as “Excellent Teaching Team of Henan Provincial Higher Education.”

  Library & Labs: SFL possesses over 80,000 books and 218 journals, AATV language labs, conference-type VOD language labs, salon-type classrooms, simultaneous interpretation teaching labs, mini language labs3-D simulation language lab, and MOOCs/micro-course recording room, etc.

  International Connections: SFL has more 60 overseas partnership universities, and 3 teacher training centers in USA, UK and New Zealand respectively. Some of its students are currently studying in Germany, Japan and Russia through exchange or collaborative programs.

  Social Services: SFL undertakes such national tests as WSK, NAETI, BEC, BFT, and CATTI.

  Orientation and Objectives: Striving to build up a brilliant faculty team, an advantageous discipline, and strong scientific research, SFL has implemented a strategy to promote its development, with a goal to grow into a first-class research-teaching school, exemplary within and outside of Henan Province. It endeavors to become a place to equip its students with rich foreign language knowledge, fine foreign language skills, strong communicative and innovative abilities.