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Date: November 7, 2018     Author:      Editor: SONG Gencheng     Click Times:

FLT Department


With more than 78 staff members among whom about 35 have been awarded with higher academic titles, i.e. professors and associate professors, The Foreign Language Teaching Department for Non-English Majors at Zhengzhou University  is responsible for the teaching of more than two thousand academic-degree graduate candidates, more than three hundred doctoral candidates as well as more than twenty-five thousand freshmen and sophomores.

As one of the first 31 college English teaching reform experimental institutions appointed by the Ministry of Education, Zhengzhou University was approved as national college English teaching reform experimental centre in 2006.College English Teaching Team of Zhengzhou University was honored the Provincial Teaching Team in 2010.The College English Course was honored as a national quality course by the Ministry of Education in 2011, and this course was approved as National Quality Resource Sharing Project in December 2013. The course “Cultural difference and intercultural communication” launched by our department was approved as National Quality Video Open Course in 2014. College English was approved as National Quality Resource Sharing Course.

Practical competence and creative competence have been the highlight of the teaching of English for Non-English major postgraduate students. The success of level-based English teaching in recent years has facilitated an increasing number of distinguished postgraduate students to gain the opportunity to pursue their studies abroad by successful passing IETLS, TOEFL or GRE. The enhancement of practical English competence has provided a powerful guarantee for the postgraduate and doctoral students’ professional development. The establishment of Language Practice Lab of Zhengzhou University promises a bright prospect for the non-English major post graduate students’ English teaching reform of Zhengzhou University, and has created very favorable conditions for the cultivation of international talents out of non-English major graduate students.

Brilliant achievements have also been made in English extracurricular activities. English stage performance which has been held for 13 consecutive years has become a renowned brand of Zhengzhou university. All Grand Prizes awarded to postgraduate students of Zhengzhou University in Henan Postgraduate English Speaking Contest in 2016 are due to the joint efforts of both teachers and students. The 3rd winner and the 2nd prize in the national “FLTRP” cup English Speaking Contest has demonstrated the teachers’ capacity for English teaching in our university. In the past several years, nearly 20 teachers from our department have gained the 1st and 2nd prize in the Competition of English Teaching Skills held by Henan province, more than 10 of them being awarded the title as Pacemaker In Teaching Skills by Henan province. In addition ,nearly 10 teachers have been honored with the title of Excellent Instructor in the provincial and national speech contests.

In addition to focusing on imparting English knowledge, the Department has been putting great emphasis on scientific research.  In the past ten years, more than ten national-level and provincial-level scientific programs have already been authorized or completed , hundreds if academic papers have been published in key periodicals and national periodicals, and nearly one hundred academic or professional works authored or composed by its faculty have been published.