11 Doctors in Affiliated Hospital of ZZU Win the Highest Award of Doctor Industry in Henan Province

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Recently, Henan Medical Association announced the results of the 9th “Henan excellent doctors”, which is the highest award of the province’s medical profession. Through selection and recommendation, qualification examination, expert evaluation, voting and publicity, 60 doctors in the province were selected, and 11 of the affiliated hospitals of ZZU were awarded the honor.

Unlike previous evaluation activities, this award specifically selected new crown pneumonia prevention and control frontline outstanding doctors. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a special line of excellence for the selection of new crown pneumonia prevention and control. Zhao Zhanzheng, the First Affiliated Hospital of ZZU; Tian Chenguang, the Second Affiliated Hospital; Zhang Xiaoan, the Third Affiliated Hospital; Li Zhe, the Fifth Affiliated Hospital; Gao Yanzheng, people’s Hospital of ZZU; He Chaohong, Affiliated Tumor Hospital of ZZZU; and Zhang Shouyan, Luoyang Central Hospital Affiliated to ZZU, were awarded the title of “excellent doctor in Henan”; Zhang Guojun, the First Affiliated Hospital of ZZU, Liu Chao, the Second Affiliated Hospital of ZZU, Yu Dan of the people’s Hospital of ZZU, and Huang Jing of the affiliated Cancer Hospital of ZZU were awarded the title of “COVID-19 First-line Excellent Physician”.

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