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Welcome home! Medical Teams from the Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University Supporting Hubei Come Back Successfully

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" White dress angels, you are the best!""Hero of Hubei Aid, Welcome Home!" Around 4: 00 in the afternoon on March 19, the flight carrying the triumphant medical team members from Henan province to support Hubei landed at Zhengzhou Xinzheng international airport. The members of the medical team, including the medical staff of the affiliated hospitals of Zhengzhou University, stepped out of the engine room one after another. Kan Quancheng, secretary and director of the Party Committee of Health Commission of Henan, Niu Shucheng, secretary of the Party Committee of Zhengzhou University, Academician Liu Jiongtian, the president of Zhengzhou University, Liu Zhangsuo president of the First Affiliated Hospital, waited until the airport to welcome the heroes back.

With the continuous improvement of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation, all the mobile cabin hospitals in Wuhan city have been closed. Wuhan epidemic prevention headquarters has begun to organize the orderly evacuation of medical and nursing personnel from Hubei. From March 17 onwards, the Hubei medical team supported by our province began to return one after another. Heroes from all the affiliated hospitals of our school successfully completed their mission and returned to their hometown in succession in the expectation of all people of Zhengzhou University.

Recently, 117 members of the second, fourth and fifth batch medical teams support Hubei from affiliated hospitals returned in advance. Among them, the second group of 46 medical team numbers support Hubei, all from the first affiliated hospital's national emergency medical rescue team, set out on February 4 to support Wuhan and entered Jianghan mobile cabin hospital in the first batch. With the joint efforts of all medical team members, Wuhan Jianghan mobile cabin hospital operated for a total of 34 days from February 5 to March 9. It admitted 1848 patients, cured 1327 patients and transferred 521 patients. It is the mobile cabin hospital with the largest number of open beds, the largest number of admitted patients and the largest number of discharged patients in Wuhan. It witnessed an important moment in Wuhan's prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia. The National Emergency Medical Rescue Team of the First Affiliated Hospital is in charge of 430 beds in the eastern district of Wuhan Jianghan mobile cabin hospital. It is the rescue team with the largest area in charge and the largest number of beds in charge of the mobile cabin hospital. A total of 523 patients, accounting for 28.3% of the mobile cabin hospital, were admitted to the hospital. 401 discharged patients were cured, accounting for 30.2% of the mobile cabin hospital.122 severe patients were transferred out, accounting for 23.4% of the mobile cabin hospital.

The fourth batch of medical teams from affiliated hospitals support Hubei, with 64 members, came from affiliated people's hospital (30), affiliated Zhengzhou central hospital (27) and affiliated children's hospital (6) and left for the front line on February 9. They moved into Qingshan mobile cabin hospital in Wuhan. Thanks to the joint efforts of all medical team members, Wuhan Qingshan mobile cabin hospital closed on March 9 and admitted 519 patients, cured 372 discharged patients and transferred 147 patients. We have achieved "zero death" for patients, "zero infection" for medical staff and workers, "zero turning back" for curing patients, and "zero accident" for safe operation.

The fifth batch of medical teams support Hubei from affiliated hospitals, with a total of 8 imaging specialists, came from the second affiliated hospital (2), the fifth affiliated hospital (2), the affiliated tumor hospital (2), the affiliated Zhengzhou central hospital (1) and the affiliated Luoyang central hospital (1). On February 22, they went to Wuhan with the first batch of medical teams of imaging technicians from Henan province to support Wuhan and were responsible for CT examination and diagnosis of patients in several mobile cabin hospitals.

They go with the starry night, return with spring and beauty. They went retrograde during the emergency in Wuhan, and left happily after the patient recovered. The city of Wuhan is full of farewell and blessings to them, and the people in their hometown eagerly look forward to the hero's triumph. These "retrograde person" are real heroes and the pride of all people of Zhengzhou University! 




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