New Progress Made in the Field of Glioma Research

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Recently, the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University and the International Joint Laboratory of Glioma Metabolism and Microenvironment Research in Henan Province have made new progress in the field of glioma radiosensitization. Related research results were published in the international authoritative oncology journal Cancer Research with the title "Loss of FBXW7 correlates with increased IDH1 expression in glioma and enhances IDH1 mutant cancer cells sensitivity to radiation". Zhengzhou University is the first author of the paper, Yang Zhuo, Department of Neurosurgery of the Fifth Affiliated Hospital, Hu Nan, a 2021 doctoral student, and Wang Weiwei, Department of Pathology, the First Affiliated Hospital, are the co-first authors of the paper. Professor Wang Xinjun and Professor Fu Xudong from the Fifth Affiliated Hospital Is the co-corresponding author.

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