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Dean Dong Zigang investigates Zhengzhou Hospitals

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From December 17th to December 19th,DeanDong Zigang led administrators of the Zhengzhou Medical College and the Academy of Medical Sciences on a tour of the Second Affiliated Hospital, the Third Affiliated Hospital, the Fifth Affiliated Hospital, the Affiliated Children's Hospital, and the Affiliated TumorHospital to further research and gain an in-depth ascertainment of the construction and development of each hospital.

During the tour,DeanDong held discussion and exchanges with the leaders and staff representatives of affiliated hospitals to understand their roles and the management of labor among the administrative leaders of affiliated hospitals. The leading medical and administrative supervisors of affiliated hospitals reported in-detail regarding the development and construction of their medical facilities in recent years, focusing on the achievements of the hospital in 2019. Furthermore,they highlighted advances made in development of medical practices and disciplines, scientific research, undergraduate and graduate students education, talent development and the completion of the University's first "double first-class" development index task.

Throughout the investigation,DeanDong Zigang gained further insights and a better understanding of the development and background of affiliated hospitals,their adherence to the standards and ethics of medical care,their educational and teaching practices,and dedication to scientific disciplines. Accompanied by the leaders of the Affiliated Hospitals, Dean Dong and his delegation also visited the remote Consultation Center and scientific research teaching building of the Third Affiliated Hospital, Rehabilitation Medical Engineering Research Center of the Fifth Affiliated Hospital, the Clinical Ability Training and Assessment Center of the Affiliated Children's Hospital,and many more locations.

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