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2020 New Year's Party of Medical College of Zhengzhou University successfully held

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On the evening of December 26, 2019, the 2020 New Year's Party of Medical College of Zhengzhou University was successfully held in the lecture hall of the library of medical college. The party was hosted by the Steering Committee for the construction of spiritual civilization and hosted by the Medical College of Zhengzhou University. Gu Zhenqing, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Zhengzhou University, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Medical College, Xu Dongsheng, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee of Zhengzhou University, Liu Zhangsuo, vice president of Medical College and President of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, more than 500 retired leaders of Zhengzhou University and former Henan Medical University, leaders in charge of relevant functional departments, main comrades in charge of various units of Medical College, and representatives of teachers and students welcomed the new year.

Gu Zhenqing's new year's congratulatory speech was performed throughout the performance. The climax was repeated. The performers won the applause of the audience, showing the demeanor of the people ofZhengzhou UniversityMedical College and the spirit of unity and cooperation ofZhengzhou Universitymedical college.

Singing and dancing are continuous and colorful. We look back on the extraordinary past and look forward to a better future. We believe that with the correct leadership and strong support of the University and the joint efforts of all medical personnel of Zhengzhou University, the Medical College of Zhengzhou University will surely create a more brilliant and glorious new chapter in 2020!

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